226 Quakertown Road
PO Box 368
Quakertown, NJ 08868
Phone: 908-735-7929
Fax: 908-735-0368
Chain of Command (pdf)
District Evaluation Advisory Committee - School Improvement Panel
Employment Opportunities
HIB Policies
Intervention & Referral Services
Lead and Copper Sampling Plan Approval (pdf)
May 2017 Lead in Potable Water Report (pdf)
NJ Common Core Curriculum Standards
School Performance Report
Scores and Strategies
Standard Operating Procedure Manual (pdf)
State and Federal Required Information
Water Inspection (pdf)


Superintendent, Nicholas Diaz
School Principal, Lindsay Gooditis
Business Administrator/Board Secretary: Lori Tirone

Secretarial Staff:
Rose Kasperkoski, Executive Secretary and School Choice Liaison
Kimberly Schuler, Administrative Assistant to the SBA
Ranae Pellegrino, School Secretary
Courtney Maccini, Child Study Team Secretary