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Dress Code
Franklin Township School District

Students at Franklin Township School are to uphold standards of appropriate dress. The way students come dressed for school often influences their behavior and attitude during the day.  School attire should be neat, clean, and reflect an appearance of modesty.  Safety must also be taken into consideration regarding footwear and accessories.

The guidelines listed below will be followed when considering appropriate dress during school hours and during school sponsored activities, including school trips:


Any articles of clothing which are considered distracting or disruptive to the educational process are subject to administrative review. The administration reserves the right to deem inappropriate any other item of attire that does not help to provide a positive and uninterrupted learning environment at Franklin Township School. 

Students who come to school dressed in violation of the Dress Code will be given an opportunity to adjust, cover up, or change into more appropriate clothing.  If they do not have a change of clothes, they must wear clothing provided by the administration for the remainder of the day or until they are picked up by a parent/guardian. Hats, caps, etc. will be confiscated.  Repeated violations of the Dress Codes will result in appropriate corrective discipline action, such as loss of school privileges, detention, in school suspension, or other consequences.

Please see Pupil Code of Conduct for consequences. Policy 5131.