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226 Quakertown Road
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Quakertown, NJ 08868
Phone: 908-735-7929
Fax: 908-735-0368
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Ms. Karin Stumpf, School Counselor

Anti-Bullying Specialist 

I&RS Coordinator

School Safety Team Chairperson

PBS Coordinator                        (908) 735-7929 ext. 316




As a PARENT, one of your greatest dreams is to see that your children achieve theirs. As a school counselor,we are trained to help your child(ren) reach their full potential. There is a common misconception that the only role of the school counselor is to help students get into college. But there are countless situations we can help them get out of too. Every day, students face challenges - tough classes, peer pressure, anxiety, friendship issues - it’s a long list. And even the best parents with the best intentions don’t always know what’s on their children’s minds. Often, children are more willing to open up to someone who doesn’t have the power to ground them or to grade them - someone who exists purely to guide them. It’s been said that life is a journey, so make sure your kids have a guide. A collaborative relationship with your children’s school counselor can reinforce that they are heading in the right direction.

We don’t have to pretend to have all of the answers, but we do have infinite resources.

Give me a call because there is a textbook for everything - except life.