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226 Quakertown Road
PO Box 368
Quakertown, NJ 08868
Phone: 908-735-7929
Fax: 908-735-0368
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  Welcome to FTS Preschool


Miss Harmony Stryker 

Preschool Teacher

908-735-7929 ext. 1110


Student Supply List

1 inch binder

Crayola ultra clean washable thick markers 8 count (1)

Crayola ultra clean washable fine line markers 10 count (1)

Kinder rest mat 5/8x19x45 Quad Fold with sheet and or blanket (1)

Crayola watercolors 16 count (1)

 Pocket folder (1)

Dry erase markers for white bored (atleast 4)

Ziploc gallon zip bags 20 count (1)

  Other items to bring:

Change of clothes including socks, underwear, & sneakers