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PO Box 368
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Phone: 908-735-7929
Fax: 908-735-0368
Staff Only Information
1st Grade
2nd Grade
3rd Grade
4th Grade
5th Grade
6, 7, 8 Grade Science
6, 7, 8 Grade Math
6, 7, 8 Grade Social Studies
MS LA - Ms. Caccavale
MS LA - Mr. Giantisco
Computer - STEAM
FTS Technology
Gifted & Talented
Physical Education, Health
Elementary Resource Teacher KM
Elementary Resource Teacher JB
Resource Teacher
Middle School Resource Teacher JS
MD Classroom
School Nurse
School Psychologist
Social Worker ~ Case Manager
Special Education


Title Name Email    
Superintendent Diaz, Nicholas ndiaz@ftschool.org    
Principal Gooditis, Lindsay lgooditis@ftschool.org    
Business Administrator Tirone, Lori ltirone@ftschool.org    
Assistant to the B.A. Schuler, Kimberly kschuler@ftschool.org    
Executive Secretary Preuett, Eva epruett@ftschool.org    
School Secretary Torres, Christine  ctorres@ftschool.org    
PreK Teacher Stryker, Harmony hstryker@ftschool.org    
PreK Teacher Schultz, Karen kschultz@ftschool.org    
Kindergarten Teacher Marcine, Vicki vmarcine@ftschool.org    
Kindergarten Teacher Brokaw, Karen kbrokaw@ftschool.org    
1st Grade Teacher Nombre, Jaclyn jnombre@ftschool.org    
1st Grade Teacher Kocsi, Christina ckocsi@ftschool.org    
2nd Grade Teacher Lamonde, Amelia alamonde@ftschool.org    
2nd Grade Teacher Simon, Jordan jsimon@ftschool.org    
3rd Grade Teacher Weinhold, Jeffrey jweinhold@ftschool.org    
3rd Grade Teacher Rainaldi, Susan srainaldi@ftschool.org    
4th Grade Teacher Huber, Jon jhuber@ftschool.org    
4th Grade Teacher Kipp, Jordie jkipp@ftschool.org    
5th Grade Teacher Zollinger, Alyssa azollinger@ftschool.org    
5th Grade Teacher Fortunato, Sara sfortunato@ftschool.org    
6/7/8 Grade Language Arts Giantisco, David dgiantisco@ftschool.org    
6/7/8 Grade Language Arts Caccavale, Karen kcaccavale@ftschool.org    
6/7/8 Grade Math Teacher Nace, Mina mnace@ftschool.org    
6/7/8 Grade Math Teacher Panerali, Courtney cpanerali@ftschool.org    
6/7/8 Grade Science Teacher Lembo, Jason jlembo@ftschool.org    
6/7/8 Grade Social Studies Teacher Paquette, Kate kpaquette@ftschool.org    
Art Teacher Smith, Patrick psmith@ftschool.org    
Computer & STEAM  Alexander, Elisabeth ealexander@ftschool.org    
Computer Technician McCusker, Leslie lmccusker@ftschool.org    
G.T. & Spec. Ed. Teacher Andreychak, Kristen kandreychak@ftschool.org    
Guidance Stumpf, Karin kstumpf@ftschool.org    
Interventionist Lahman, Trina tlahman@ftschool.org    
Music Teacher Kastner, Emily ekastner@ftschool.org    
Physical Education/Health Timko, Hunter htimko@ftschool.org    
Spanish Teacher        

Elementary Resource Teacher

Matassa, Katherine



Elementary Resource Teacher

Balducci, Jenienne




Middle School Resource

St.Laurent, Jennifer



Resource Teacher Hattauer, James jhattauer@ftschool.org    
MD Classroom Teacher Bickhardt, Lillian lbickhardt@ftschool.org    
School Nurse Roberts, Dana droberts@ftschool.org    
Special Services Supervisor Marchese, Laura lmarchese@ftschool.org    
Social Worker/Case Manager Spann, Frances fspann@ftschool.org    
School Psychologist Getty, Elizabeth egetty@ftschool.org    
Special Services LDTC Wingler, Millie mwingler@ftschool.org    
Child Study Team Secretary Maccini, Courtney cmaccini@ftschool.org    
Curriculum Supervisor LoPiccolo, Laura llopiccolo@ftschool.org    
Speech / Language Specialist Kassis, Ellen ekassis@ftschool.org    
Speech/Language Specialist Groben, Melody mgroben@ftschool.org    



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