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Welcome to Middle School Language Arts 

Karen C Caccavale   NBCT


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8TH GRADE:  WELCOME TO 8TH GRADE!  This week and next -we'll be talking rules, procedures, expectations - we'll be exploring imagery  - composing a little poetry- reading a short story - and starting our Sadlier Vocabulary. 8th grade is going to be amazing! 
7TH GRADE:  WELCOME TO 7TH GRADE! We'll start this week with the rules, procedures, and expectartions for 7th grade ELA.  We'll hit the ground running with writing, vocabulary, and literature analysis.  It's going to be an awesome year! 







Grade Weighting:

Tests-50%  (Tests, Projects, Speeches, Final Essays)


Homework-15% (If I give a quiz about the previous night's reading, it counts as a homework grade!)