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Student Supply List

Over-sized T-Shirt or Smock

1 inch binder

Crayola 4 large crayon 8 count (1)

Crayola crayons 24 count (1)

Crayola ultra clean washable thick markers 8 count (1)

Crayola ultra clean washable fine line markers 10 count (1)

Crayola 7 colored pre-sharpened pencils 12 count (1)

Elmer's small glue stick (10)

Elmer's school glue 4 oz. (3)

Kinder rest mat 5/8x19x45 Quad Fold (1)

Crayola watercolors 16 count (1)

Oxford laminated asst twin pocket folder (2)

Low odor chisel dry erase marker 4 count (1)

Beach Towel (Outdoor Activities to sit on)

Zip lock gallon zip bags 20 count (1)


Other items to bring:

3 or more masks

Change of clothes including socks, underwear, & sneakers

Peanut free snacks, water bottle & lunch


Tools of the Mind Parent Brochure


Jack Hartmann Kids Music Channel



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